Luncheon Meeting

Brian Sikma "Key Primary Races and Legislative Agenda for 2015"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - Noon to 1:05 p.m.

Machine Shed, Appleton

Directions: (Google Maps) Exit Hwy 41 at College Ave, go west one block to Mall Drive, turn right, go one block, turn right on Fox River Dr.

Dear Friends,

Seldom has there been as many meaningful primary races in our part of the state as this year. The big one is in the 6th Congressional District where, with the retirement of Rep. Petri, the seat is open for the first time in an astounding 35 years. Similarly, the segue of longtime assemblyman Dean Kaufert into Neenah’s mayoral seat has drawn several conservatives into the race for the 55th Assembly. Meanwhile, the Van Wanggaard-Steitz race, though outside of our area, has significant implications for the ideological makeup of the Wisconsin Senate for the next legislative session.
Speaking of the next legislative session, what issues can we expect to see advanced by the governor and legislature, assuming both branches remain under Republican control? Will we see any bold initiatives that rollback government and advance individual liberty and responsibility? Or will political calculus squelch this (likely) opportunity?
On Tuesday, July 22, Brian Sikma of Media Trackers will analyze the key political races that he has been following in the state. He will also explore the likely policy initiatives for the next year, especially in light of the controversies raised by conservatives last session such as Common Core, venture capital, abortion coverage for state employees, the stewardship fund, and budget spending and bonding.
Please join us. We meet at noon, order lunch, start at 12:05 p.m., and end at 1:05 p.m. Admission is free. Meal purchases and donations are encouraged. 
Bio Sketch: Brian Sikma is Communications Director for Media Trackers, a conservative news organization dedicated to exposing malfeasance and deception on all sides. Beginning with the eruption over Act 10 and the recall elections that followed, Brian has consistently drawn liberal fire for his hard-hitting reporting and breaking-news coverage of state-level politics.  

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“It is the nature of Power to be ever encroaching, and converting every extraordinary power, granted at particular times, and upon particular occasions, into an ordinary power, to be used at all times, and when there is no occasion; nor does it ever part willingly with any advantage.”
-- Cato’s Letter #115, Feb. 9, 1722